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The Garden Writers Association Foundation sponsors Plant A Row for the Hungry (PAR), a communications program encouraging individual gardeners, companies and community gardens to donate fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers to food agencies and/or soup kitchens to help feed those in need.

STEP 1: Enlist A Network
The first step is to recruit volunteer participants.

  • Local Coordinator
  • Food distribution agency partner
  • Publicist
  • Events Organizer
  • Collections Organizer

STEP 2: Plan Your Campaign
PAR provides campaign how-to information based on feedback from successful field networks, along with communications supplies for:

  • Getting Started
  • A Typical Campaign
  • Planting Season Launch
  • Harvest Season Collections

STEP 3: Publicize Your Campaign
Publicity is the key to success; so, the first move is to publicize everything you do.

STEP 4: Celebrate The Harvest
Starting at midseason, enlist the media in building to the harvest party and cut-off date for recording donations. As the garden season peaks, the weekly totals will climb dramatically; so, don't give up on reporting the totals. It takes a newspaper, radio or TV host very little space to report climbing totals. Then, wrap up the campaign at the cut-off date with a harvest party.
For information on how to organize a local campaign, download our Local Campaign Brochure or contact another Plant A Row in your area or call:

Program Administrator: Carol Ledbetter
Tel/Fax: (877) GWAA-PAR
E-mail: email

355 Lexington Ave, 15th Floor New York, NY 10017 Tel: 212.297.2198  Fax: 212.297.2149
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