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Read all of the following guidelines carefully.

To move your entry through the judging smoothly, please adhere to all of the following guidelines:

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To move your entry through the judging smoothly, please adhere to all of the following guidelines:

* Electronic copies are preferred.

** Site or copyright owners who are individuals pay individual entry fees. Site or copyright owners that are companies pay publisher's entry fee.

*** Large file private upload available. If you do not already have an account with a host (, etc), you can get a free trial account for this contest with RealView Digital. See online application form.

  • Enter as many categories as you wish, but a separate submission and entry fee are required for each entry. You may make more than one submission to a single category, as long as the entries are distinctly different, and warrant separate consideration.
  • All writing entries must be in the English language in order to provide fair competition and judging.
  • Written material must be submitted in published form, not as a manuscript.
  • Mailed-in entries should not be mounted or enclosed in a notebook.
  • The entrant is the the person or organization who's work is being judged and will receive the award in accordance with the Category Table, column 5.
  • Submitters are parties who are nominating work that is not their own and are not the award recipient specified in the Category Table column 5. Submitters MUST provide the entrant's name in the credit portion of the submission form.
  • GWA reserves the right to determine an entry ineligible if it is inconsistent with the goals and objectives of the organization.

Awards are presented on two levels:

  • Gold Award for Best Talent or Product:
    The Gold GWA Media Award for Best Talent recognizes the best entries for creators' work, including writing (magazine, newspaper, book, newsletter/brochure), photography, on-air talent in radio/television or electronic media. The Gold GWA Media Award for Best Product recognizes the best entries in the Publisher/Producer products, including magazines, newspaper sections, books, newsletters, bulletins, brochures, calendars, electronic media and other works.
  • Silver Award of Achievement:
    The Silver GWA Media Award of Achievement represents exceptional work in each entry category. These recipients become eligible for the Gold GWA Media Award for Best Talent or Product.

Questions regarding entries should be directed to:
GWA 2014 Media Awards Program
7809 FM 179, Shallowater, TX 79363
Phone: 806.832.1870 • Fax: 806.832.5244
E-mail: PDF


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