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Committees & Task Forces 2014-2015

Committee and Task Force assignments are being developed for the September 2014-August 2015 program year. If you have an interest in volunteering for any GWA work group, please contact the GWA office at

Committee/TF Name Board Liaison Chair
Awards Committee Linda Nitchman  
 1. GWA Media Awards TF
 2. GWA Honors TF
Linda Nitchman
Linda Nitchman
Deb Wiley
Irene Virag
Education Committee Kirk Brown
 1. National Symposium
    a. Symposium Program TF
    b. Local arrangements TF  
 2. Education

Kirk Brown

Kirk Brown
Becky Heath

Kirk Brown
Lydia Plunk
Kevin Gragg
Communications Committee Becky Heath
 1. Assn Outreach TF
 2. Q&T Editorial TF
 3. Strategic Communications TF
 4. Membership Development TF

Kirk Brown
Bill Adams
Linda Askey
Bob LaGasse

Maria Zampini
Eddie Rhoades
Sally Ferguson

Randy Schultz

Executive Committee Larry Hodgson
 1. Nominations & Elections TF
 2. HQ Evaluation Survey TF
 3. Volunteer Training
Larry Hodgson
Larry Hodgson
Larry Hodgson
Linda Askey
Ellen Zachos
Bob LaGasse
Sustainability Committee Kirk Brown Lois De Vries
GWA Foundation Committees Anne Marie Van Nest
 1. Student Scholarships
 2. Plant A Row for the Hungry
Anne Marie Van Nest
Anne Marie Van Nest
Jeff Lowenfels
Jeff Lowenfels


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