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Garden Websites

To sort the information (A-Z) in the table below by last name, first name, state or blog title, click the column heading once. To reverse sort the information (Z-A), click the column header a second time.
Name: Last, First State Website
Battersby, Helen ON
Gardenfix garden coaching: down-to-earth, one-on-one guidance for people who love to garden or want to learn how.
Novack, Ellen ON
Website for new book Gardening from a Hammock
Nolan, Tara ON
Savvy Gardening is a place where fresh gardening voices come together to revel in the charms and fascinations of the horticultural world. It’s a place where art and science play nicely together, where you’ll find curious musings on everything from pickled fiddleheads and toad lilies, to the merits of assassin bugs and miner’s lettuce. We are four garden writers, from two different countries and four different hardiness zones, each with a unique knowledge base, a passionate voice and a weighted opinion.
Banerd, Karin ON
Luckhardt, Brenda ON
good resource for gardeneners-plant finder helpful
Goldberger, Miriam ON
Wildflower Catalog, Growing Guide; Eco-Lawn Growing Guide and Dealer Locator
Poizner, Susan ON
Fruit Tree Care Online Education
Cornwell, Marilyn ON
Gellatly, Paul ON
James, David OR www.jocoplantarow
PAR website for Josephine County
Nichols-McGee, Rose Marie OR
Vegetable, herb & flower seeds for the gardener/cook
Buley, Nancy Callister OR
Wholesale growers of shade, flowering and specialty ornamental trees
Doyle, Alice OR
You are welcome to use posters, etc on our website
Loughrey, Janet OR
Photo galleries, updates, events, links
Heims, Dan OR
Terra Nova Nurseries' website
Jaeger, Anne OR www.GardenGal.TV
Garden information, instructional.
Wetherbee, Kris OR
Mackey, Mary-Kate OR
Hummel, Dawn OR
Digital media producer for the horticulture industry
Stone, Jeff OR
Daniels, Darcy OR
Funk, Will OR
Dittmar, Sandy OR
Nickerson, Ann OR
Browne, Jim OR



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