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Garden Websites

To sort the information (A-Z) in the table below by last name, first name, state or blog title, click the column heading once. To reverse sort the information (Z-A), click the column header a second time.
Name: Last, First State Website
Young, Linda CO
Albert, Lisa OR
Ballantyne, Lisa NY
Colburn, Lisa ME
The website discusses the book, The Maine Garden Journal - Insider secrets from Maine people who love to put their hands in the dirt
Cullen, Lisa CA
Business website
Hutchurson Lynch, Lisa NY
Company website
Ziegler, Lisa VA
Online garden shop, gardening how-to, blog
Brensinger, Liz PA
de Vries, Lois NJ
Lectures, lessons, and lifestyle inspiration to help you create wholistic outdoor spaces that reconnect you to the natural world, reduce physical, mental, and emotional stress, and shelter your spirit.
Bohl, Loree OR
Seriously simple search for plants and places to find them.
Edwards Forkner, Lorene WA
online publishing and support for the Pacific Horticulture Society
Cheswick, Lorette NJ
business and research website covering computer and plant interests
Hutson, Lori OK
Ballato, Lorraine CT
How to convert your containers to self waterers for both indoor and outdoor plants
Rooney, Lucinda VT
Karlin, Lynn ME
Barber, Lynn FL
Byczynski, Lynn KS
Growing for Market is an online resource for market farmers and gardeners
Hunt, Lynn NC
A Writer in the Rose Garden
Oster, Maggie IN
Describes my farm and garden and the activities on it as well as information about my bed-and-breakfast.
Tate, Marcia PA
Photography Portfolio
Bennet-Alder, Margaret ON
Official site for The Toronto Gardener's Journal & Source Book
Nevett, Margaret ON
Horticultural Therapy
Grace, Margie CA
Pruett, Margit MD
Learn to grow your own food. It's easy. It's fun and you'll feel better too!



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