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Garden Websites

To sort the information (A-Z) in the table below by last name, first name, state or blog title, click the column heading once. To reverse sort the information (Z-A), click the column header a second time.
Name: Last, First State Website
Budner, Lawrence NY
solicits clients for tours as well as providing gardening advice and book reviews.
Reich, Lee NY
Ideas and resources from Lee Reich, PhD for creating beautiful, productive, and environmentally sound landscapes, gardens, farms, and farmdens.
Torrans, Lee TX
Gardening in Texas
Lavin, Leeann NJ
Halleck, Leslie TX
Halleck Horticultural
Askey, Linda AL
Personal website promoting services
Detrick, Linda NJ
Cobb, Linda SC
online column and pictures available
Lehmusvirta, Linda TX
Central Texas Gardener
Young, Linda CO
Larson, Linda AZ
offers readers the opportunity to be whisked away on a mini vacation through her colorful narratives and lush photography.
Beutler, Linda OR
Wandering Pemberley's Gardens
Russo, Linda AL
Albert, Lisa OR
Colburn, Lisa ME
Maine garden-related news, products, events and inspiration
Wagner, Lisa NC
Ballantyne, Lisa NY
Cullen, Lisa CA
Business website
Hutchurson Lynch, Lisa NY
Company website
Brensinger, Liz PA
de Vries, Lois NJ
Lectures, lessons, and lifestyle inspiration to help you create wholistic outdoor spaces that reconnect you to the natural world, reduce physical, mental, and emotional stress, and shelter your spirit.
Edwards Forkner, Lorene WA
online publishing and support for the Pacific Horticulture Society
Hutson, Lori OK
Ballato, Lorraine CT
How to convert your containers to self waterers for both indoor and outdoor plants
Rooney, Lucinda VT



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